Sidney Powell Floats Idea of Georgia Runoff Being “Rigged” to Support Republicans

The first major order of business in 2021 will be the Senate runoff elections on January 5. Ahead of the election, Former Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell is expressing concerns about the election, citing they may be “rigged” in favor of the Republicans.

Powell was present on The Rush Limbaugh Show and responded to the question if Republican voters should hit the polls since the state swung blue in support of Joe Biden in November. That’s when Powell’s theory comes into place.

“I mean the situation we’re in now, I would suggest that everybody in Georgia turnout on Election Day, and do it again: Vote for the Republican candidates in mass numbers and see what happens,” Powell said according to Newsweek.

Powell added, “And it might be that they’ve even rigged the system so that the two Republicans win so they can say, ‘Oh see? There’s no problem.’”wo Republicans win so they can say, ‘Oh see? There’s no problem.’”

If the Republicans win they will hold control of the Senate, which would allow for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to shoot down important bills like the increase of stimulus checks that he denied on Tuesday.