Slim Thug Tells Young People to Take 'Stay At Home' Order Serious After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

Maybe a 6’6″ rapper that tested positive for the novel coronavirus can convince the 18-44 year olds to stay inside with it.

Slim Thug was very adamant about young people in his native H-Town and beyond to take his Covid-19 diagnosis as a lesson and stay at home to prevent a more serious spread.

Slim spoke his truth on TMZ Live today(March 25), urging everyone to take the Coronavirus danger more seriously than it has been in recent past. The City of Houston and the neighboring Harris County has seen a tremendous upsurge in Covid-19 cases over the past week.

The “Still Tippin” rapper said he was being extremely careful, donning the mask and gloves for weeks, but it didn’t stop him from contracting the virus.

Houston just issued its first mandatory “stay at home” order today.