Grand Larsonie Reveals His Meticulously Curated Patterns In New Track “Trans-porting”

In 2020, experimental electronic artist and producer Grand Larsonie entered the music scene with a very first single called “River Of Reflection,” followed by many more the same year. 

Music fans are always on the lookout for new artists to feed their playlists, and Grand Larsonie is the ideal candidate for those who appreciate acid house, Baltimore club, and other forms of experimental electro. They will therefore be delighted to learn that Grand Larsonie has recently released his latest track, “Trans-porting,”  confirming that his talent is about to conquer new fans. “Trans-porting” is a calm soundtrack that has landed him press coverage worldwide, thanks to Larsonie who manages to carry us away with an ultra efficient composition revolving around the repetition of meticulously curated patterns. A real ode to positivism balanced by an ambient gloom with a fresh spirit, Larsonie’s new creation is part of a new wave of music that seamlessly blends bright and dark atmospheres, in all grace and beauty.