Matt Cleare Unleashes Unique Music Video In Hip-Hop-Laced Release ‘Evelyne!’

Atlanta-based artist Matt Cleare, hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, has unleashed his latest musical creation upon the world with the release of “Evelyne!” This sensational single is a testament to Cleare’s ability to weave real-life experiences into his lyrics, capturing the essence of dating a dancer while immersing listeners in the pulsating atmosphere of rock & roll venues.

Drawing inspiration from the ethereal shoegaze movement, Cleare joined forces with the talented guitarists Jo Darko and Edmund, resulting in a collaboration that is nothing short of extraordinary.

The music video for “Evelyne!” is a visual feast, directed by the incomparable Almighty Zion, renowned for his work with artists such as Mariah the Scientist and Rico Nasty. With its eerie and captivating visual style, the video perfectly complements the haunting melody of the song.

Featuring soul-stirring vocals, enchanting electric guitar riffs, and captivating drums, “Evelyne!” envelops listeners in an atmospheric experience that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Following the resounding success of his critically acclaimed single “4000!”, “Evelyne!” is a fitting next addition from the one-and-only Matt Cleare.

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