Denmark’s first DJ academy for women, non-binary people, and gender minorities to open this fall

Denmark will be opening a new DJ academy focusing on training, mentorship, and partnerships for women, non-binary people, and gender minorities. The new academy will be run by the non-profit, Future Female Sounds. For those interested in joining, the academy will be free to attend, with 20% of its spots reserved for underprivileged and marginalized youth from the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen.

The academy will be located in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district and aims to help with DJ training, mentorship from “leading music industry experts,” along with partnerships with festivals and venues, and performances that help to highlight the academy’s new talent. The program’s director, Tia Korpe, said in a statement,

“Our approach has always been a combination of professional training in a safer space environment, followed by actual bookings and entering the market. We’re very excited to have the opportunity to develop talent through the DJ Academy, where we will also be able to connect them directly to the music industry, to support their careers long-term.”

The Tuborg Foundation donated more than $270,300 to help fund the academy. Future Female Sounds has already trained nearly 500 new female, non-binary, and gender minority DJs across the globe since the organization first launched, with its new academy sure to only increase the non-profit’s reach.

Meanwhile in Copenhagen, several of the city’s districts will be enacting a new ban for those with criminal records. Naming several of the city’s districts, including Gotersgade, Vestergade, Vesterbrogade, and Kødbyen as “nightlife zones,” the new law aims to allow for “a more secure nightlife environment for everyone.”

Via: Future Female Sounds