The Bobby Effect Has Us Feeling "Hungry" in Her Latest Video

Cali rapper The Bobby Effect feasts with her squad in latest video "Hungry," but it's not just food that these boss b**ches are after. The abundance in the visual speaks to the hunger to win, something Bobby has expressed throughout her many projects.

I never been a greedy b*tch/ I want my friends to eat/ But when I'm in line at the buffet please don't jump in front of me!

The Bobby Effect is a vocal fan of music from the Bay Area where she was raised, but in "Hungry" she also pays homage to King of Pop Michael Jackson as she dons an outfit inspired by the "Thriller" music video and channels some classic moves. But perhaps the most captivating visual experience is the stunning rapper covered in sushi with leaves and flowers in place of clothes…definitely a must-see for this stand-out track from her most recent studio project E11EVEN!