April Ryan Exposes New Press Secretary’s ‘Horrid’ 2012 Tweet About Obama

The Trump Administration recently decided to let go of Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham and move on to Trump loyalist Kayleigh McEnany.

Formerly a CNN commentator, McEnany will soon become familiar with White House Reporter April Ryan who exposed McEnany for a racist tweet from 2012.

“How I Met Your Brother — Never mind, forgot he’s still in that hut in Kenya,” McEnany’s tweet reads about President Obama referring to his brother who lives in Kenya.

Based on a Twitter search, it appears that the hashtag #ObamaTVShows trended in 2012, and McEnany was having some fun at the President’s expense.

“Is this the new @PressSec? Well this sis some of the same ish! Horrid!!!! Not Acceptable,” Ryan wrote in the retweet. The 2017 NABJ Journalist of the Year has become a rival of every Press Secretary Trump has put forth and it looks like Press Sec number 4, Kayleigh McEnany, will be no different.

McEnany has not yet responded to April Ryan, but she should get familiar with the 20-year White House veteran before she makes the same mistakes as her predecessors.