Fyre Festival merchandise to be auctioned off to provide aid to victims

In order to provide aid for victims of the catastrophic Fyre Festival, U.S. Marshals will auction off merchandise from the failed event. The official auction is currently underway and will conclude on August 13. 126 items, including hats, t-shirts, sweatpants, and hoodies are presently up for bid. Proceeds will be paid directly to victims of the Fyre Festival fraud.

Fyre Festival was created by rapper Ja Rule and entrepreneur-turned-fraudster Billy McFarland. The 2017 event was marketed as a boutique experience filled with music, celebrity guests, luxury accommodations, and gourmet food, all on a tropical island in the Bahamas. The reality, however, was riddled with last-minute cancellations from headliners, a field of FEMA tents, and a now infamous cheese sandwich. Refunds for the festival flop were never issued, and attendees were left destitute on the island for days. As reported by the Netflix documentary on the high-profile flop, local restaurateurs were also stiffed by Ja Rule and McFarland. Originally solicited for their catering services, they were left to pay out of pocket in order to provide food for the stranded travelers.

McFarland is currently serving a six-year sentence for fraud charges related to Fyre Festival. Although he requested a compassionate release due to COVID-19 risk, his request was reportedly denied and McFarland is now rumored to have contracted the virus.

Featured image: Netflix